The Next Economy Roadmap for a Next Society

In the southern Randstad (the urban agglomeration in the western Netherlands), 23 local authorities have combined forces in the Rotterdam The Hague metropolitan region (MRDH). The local authorities work together to improve accessibility and strengthen the economic business climate. Together they have developed the Next Economy Roadmap. The Next Economy Roadmap is a comprehensive economic strategy that allows us to maintain our competitive position and create a hopeful future for the people in our region. It provides insight into opportunities and ensures that we can prevent disruptions. The new economy must be more socially inclusive and offer an alternative to growing inequality.

Next Society: The social aspect
One of the elements of the Next Economy Roadmap is the 'Next Society'. This concerns the various aspects of the future society in our region. These include new labour market agreements, new skills and new forms of education, community ownership, citizen cooperatives, bottom-up movements, social entrepreneurs and social innovation. It concerns all the actions needed to build a more inclusive society. This is necessary because the shift of economic paradigms will have a huge impact on society. This includes collaborative sharing platforms, social innovation and entrepreneurship and their impact on the labour market and education. (in Dutch)