Am I eligible for the SES2021 subsidy scheme?

The objective of the Smart Energy Systems programme is to support private initiatives. Entrepreneurs must therefore be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Project applications must be able to demonstrate that they create a clear positive impact on the Rotterdam economy (Rijnmond region).


  • One of the requirements is an understanding of lessons learned and recommendations for investment and acceleration in relation to their initiative. The clear identification, recording and sharing of such lessons must also contribute to the scaling up and replication of the private initiatives.
  • Another requirement is own investment:
  1. The subsidy for a feasibility study does not exceed 50% of the eligible costs.
  2. The subsidy for experimental development amounts to a maximum of 25% of the eligible costs.

Carrying out pilots is possible if they contribute to a rise in commercial and market readiness. The technologies used will have a high ‘technology readiness’ (TRL6 to 9, from demonstration to market introduction). The activities of private initiatives can be focused on demonstrating the solution, a system integration or on raising the awareness among potential users of the technologies. Research and development are not covered by this programme.

Subsidy round 3 was closed on October 1, 2021. Keep an eye on this website for new funding rounds.