Foto: KuneVerda


KuneVerda describes itself as a 'sustainability integrator'. As a knowledge partner, KuneVerda offers companies and residents an optimal solution through looking at a combination of energy-saving or energy-generating technologies.

André van der Zwaan, managing partner at KuneVerda, explains that potential often remains untapped. “Many companies and residents do not realise that there is more to be achieved besides solar panels. We want to look beyond the installation of solar panels. For example, at wind turbines. By doing so, wind energy can help to reduce the dependence on solar panels.”

KuneVerda has developed a wind turbine that, due to its small and silent character, is suitable for roofs in an urban environment. The energy generation of the KuneVento is comparable to that of about six or seven solar panels and is thus much more efficient.

Researching the right locations

But before wind turbines are produced and installed on a large scale, research is needed. “We first want to map out the locations of the turbines and the environmental influences to see what the effect is on energy yield. In this way, we can learn which locations are suitable for the installation of wind turbines." Together with Woonstad, KuneVerda is therefore going to run a pilot so that this data can be collected. Four wind turbines will be installed at location 'De Snor' on Kralingse Kerklaan. “Once we have the data, we can scale up and, together with other housing associations and owners’ associations, enter the Rotterdam area and make more buildings sustainable.”

According to Van der Zwaan, Rotterdam's energy transition provides many opportunities. "Many promising projects stagnate due to a lack of finance. Thanks to the Smart Energy Systems subsidy, the realisation of our project can be accelerated and opportunities exploited more quickly."