Where health innovation gets the best possible treatment

The progress in worldwide health and wellbeing is significant. But we still have a long way to go. Innovative and practical solutions are needed to be able to continue to guarantee high-quality and affordable healthcare. Rotterdam’s aim is to develop scalable solutions applicable to our own city as well as to other parts of the world. The key principle of it’s Life Sciences & Health-sector is expressed in the question: how can medication, technology and prevention make our lives even better?

Life Sciences and Health in Rotterdam

More than 400 Life Sciences & Health companies and (healthcare) organisations are established in Rotterdam. Our strong position in the Dutch LSH-landscape is partly explained by the presence of Erasmus MC. This is one of the leading university medical centres in Europe. Besides Erasmus MC and our other top hospitals, the medical sector in Rotterdam includes high-end businesses and research facilities. It is the collaboration between businesses, research and knowledge institutions, and public-sector parties in Rotterdam that is creating such a fertile breeding ground for a wide range of medical innovations. Developed in Rotterdam, finding their way to patients across the globe.

The Life Sciences & Health sector is important to Rotterdam. For both our residents and our companies. But what do we mean by Life Sciences and Health? And what does the Rotterdam network look like? Learn more about this fascinating sector and the Rotterdam network LSH010.


What is Life Sciences and Health?
Life Sciences and Health in Rotterdam
What is LS&H010?
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