A city full of energy

Energy is inextricably linked to nearly every major challenge the world faces today. Think of jobs, food production or increasing incomes. Access to energy is vital. But how do we meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs? Without energy not much happens. Rotterdam has opted for a different route and gives priority to more efficient use of energy and the production of clean and renewable energy. Not only to ensure energy supply for future generations but also to reduce the environmental impact of energy production.

Rotterdam and energy

Rotterdam strives for clean air and water with the city's ambition to be climate-neutral by 2050. A goal put into practice with a roadmap to 'New Energy' and a wide variety of Rotterdam projects and programmes. With the ambition to reach zero emmission bus transport by 2030, RET, responsible for Rotterdam's public transport, already invested in 55 zero emmission busses and 50 more will come in 2021. The first new-build carbon neutral houses are appearing in various districts and we have only just initiated the ambition to have all new-build houses at this level by 2050.

The port plays a key role in reliable, affordable and sustainable energy supply for Northwest Europe. The supply, the production and the distribution of energy is extensive. In this context, sustainable energy generation is an important development. While the port cranes are increasingly accompanied by wind turbines, the first solar parks are now floating. As we know that not all solutions are mature yet, we are always eager to test innovative solutions like the Horizon2020 RUGGEDISED project, in which we test and implement smart grids as a way to exchange energy between buildings.