The Netherlands still in EU digitisation lead group thanks to extra investments

Increasing use of digital technologies

The Netherlands rank fourth in the Digital Economy Society Idex (DESI) and thus remain in the leading group of EU countries in terms of digitisation. Dutch companies are making increasing use of digital technologies. The government is also making additional investments in this area and is encouraging Dutch people to become more digitally literate.

The DESI is an online tool that annually monitors Europe's overall digital performance and tracks the digital competitiveness of EU countries. European countries are ranked according to the quality of the digital infrastructure, the use of digital applications by and the online skills of their inhabitants, the extent to which businesses are digitally active and the online services provided by the government itself. Like last year, the Netherlands ranked fourth, just behind Denmark, Finland and Sweden.

SME’s do better than the European average

Dutch entrepreneurs are increasingly selling online and they make, on average, more profits from it than their European colleagues. On average, 13% of total SME sales in The Netherlands are now generated by online activities. By integrating technology such as big data and the cloud into their business operations, Dutch entrepreneurs achieve above-average scores within Europe.

Keeping the Netherlands in the digital lead

"Entrepreneurs, education and government together succeed in keeping the Netherlands at the digital top. However, the report also shows that this position is not set in stone",  Minister Stef Blok (Economic Affairs and Climate Change) has pointed out. The ministry is committed to ensuring that the Netherlands remain the digital leader in Europe. To this end cooperation between government, business and science is promoted. This is not only good for the Dutch economy and employment. It can also provide solutions to social challenges, for example in the areas of healthcare, mobility and climate change.