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Contribute to the LSH010 ecosystem

September 29, 2020

The Life Sciences & Health (LSH) sector in Rotterdam is a lively and dynamic network. The City of Rotterdam considers it important to stimulate economic development within this sector and to ensure that entrepreneurship can flourish in the city and region.

In order to gain a better understanding of Rotterdam's ecosystem in the Life Sciences & Health sector, the LSH010 ecosystem has been mapped out. The LSH010 ecosystem was launched during the LSH010 breakfast on 24 September by Barbara Kathmann, Alderman for Economy, Communities and Small Cores.

LSH010 ecosystem diagram

The LSH010 ecosystem diagram shows the organisations and programmes that form the supporting infrastructure of Rotterdam's innovation ecosystem, as well as the start-ups, scale-ups and corporates that the city is rich in. The economy is a living network of actors and factors. By mapping out the ecosystem, we can better see how our network functions and what it needs to do to make it function even better. 

Life Sciences & Health 010 diagram

Components of the ecosystem

As a starting point for innovation, we start with companies: small or starting; already grown or even operating on a global scale: startups, scale ups/SME and corporates in the Rotterdam region. You can never do business alone: you need support to do so. This can take the form of knowledge, contacts, lobbying, housing, promotion, meeting places and the like. Organisations that contribute to these kinds of subjects are listed under 'capital'/money, support/support, knowledge/expertise, networking and education/education'.

Input is welcome!

This diagram provides us with an initial overview and is therefore a good basis for a dialogue on how we can all work together towards a strong ecosystem with high-quality support for companies to grow further. With the diagram, the City of Rotterdam wants to visualise the richness of the LSH010 ecosystem and keep it up to date. That's why the city is keen to gather input from the city: which (supporting) organisations are still missing from the diagram, which components does the city need and can it strengthen? Which aspects should the city perhaps value or highlight better?

Does an organisation belong in this diagram but is it not yet included? Feel free to let us know via: or call Caroline Giezeman 06 - 103 499 41. 

Networking in the LSH sector

The LSH010 ecosystem was launched during the virtual LSH010 breakfast. This network breakfast stimulates innovation and cooperation in Rotterdam's Life Sciences & Health sector. Professionals in Life Sciences & Health are building a relevant network here and are inspired by best practices and innovations from the sector. Want to know more about the LSH010 network? Then take a look here.