World Hydrogen 2022 Summit

World Hydrogen 2022 Summit & Exhibition

World Hydrogen 2022 Summit & Exhibition, the leading global platform dedicated to hydrogen industry advancement. Produced by the Sustainable Energy Council (SEC) in partnership with the Province of Zuid-Holland, the City of Rotterdam and the Port of Rotterdam, World Hydrogen 2022 is the place to meet with government and private sector leaders to showcase, discuss, collaborate and do business, driving the hydrogen industry forward. As the world re-opens for face-to-face meetings, trust the industry’s feedback by choosing the world’s leading H2 event to conduct your business. Join us at the World Trade Center in Rotterdam to recharge your strategy with the latest project announcements, policy developments and technology innovations, all under one roof. Plaats hier een korte intro over het evenement
Start date:
08 maart, 00:00 uur
End date:
10 maart, 00:00 uur


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